DevCA2019 will feature a special focus on the impact of data on the Caribbean people and Communities and will explore the concept of the "Smart Community". Developers at DevCA Hackathon sites across the region will be able to “test-drive” a prototype technology platform (S.C.O.P.E.) that will feature a portfolio of Open Data, MicroServices and APIs, and sample mobile/web application code, that can accelerate the development of innovative apps and services for a scalable community tourism ecosystem.


A series of special briefing sessions are to be held before the event, to introduce Hackathon participants to the thematic problem space (data and problem statements), and the developer support tools on the platform.

The first briefing, held on May 14th, was organized as a 1 hr Webinar session that covered:

  • Overview of the DevCA2019 "Smart Community" theme What does it mean?- SCOPE
  • Developer Support Features
  • Access to Web Services
  • Re-usable Components (Web / mobile)
  • Access to Open Data Sources (APIs, or downloads)
  • Wiki Documentation
  • Functional Demos & Sample Code Code templates for starter mobile & web applications Q&A Forum
  • DevCA2019 Problem Statements
  • Hackathon Competition Guidelines

Briefing Resources

May 14 Developer Briefing Slides
DevCA2019  - Developer Briefing - Arawak.Dev.pdf
Download (1.7MB)

SCOPE - Arawak Playtour API

The Arawak API project offers a minimum viable product (MVP) that allows to enhance a platform for the management of the tourism sector in the Caribbean region, offering minimal management features and providing tools for developers and innovators to use the open data to implement new support systems for this important sector.

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